Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 and spoiled rotten

There have been so many blog worthy events lately that I've had no time to blog.  I do need to give a shout out to all my peeps for making my 30th birthday so special and memorable. I failed to take pics on my camera and don't know how to get the photos on my phone onto blogger so I'm just gonna bulletin point the heck outta this one(as Tina would say) and hope you all get the point of this post: I am 30 and people love me.
  •  Charlotte-lunch at whataburger plus her traditional gift to me-fancy towels(this year 1-orange and 1-brown)Reese's cup inspired.
  • Amy-homemade peanut butter cup pie+sonic gift card!
  • J-brizown,Sierra,Terri, Vickie, and Michele- Reese's eggs, dr pepper, custom cook book
  • Terri-sonic dp
  • Michele-hugest Reese's cups ever. She made a wrapper out of an orange pillow case, lined 2 pie pans with black tissue and filled them with peanut butter chocolate cupcakes+sonic dp
  • Dollie, Tina, and Carson-mini red cooler filled with magazines, dp, Reese's, beef jerkey and lottery tickets
  • Christy- I have no idea, but I cannot wait til it comes in the mail!!!
I had planned this whole profound look back on my life but nonsmoker Misty has a hard time being on the computer for this long so I leave you with this. I was born and 30 years later alot of people who I love gave me sweet treats. Love to you all.