Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogging and The Half Project

I haven't blogged in while and I'm ready to get back at it. At first it was because both computers were broken and lately it's been because I take this blog way too seriously. I feel like it has to be a days long perfect drawn out thing. But I am over that now. Also I only think of things to blog about when I am trying to go to sleep. And let me tell you, I write some doosies(in my head).

The Half Project:

I am a lousy housekeeper. No one in our home picks up after themselves including me. I only clean when I am listening to pod casts and when I do that it is fun and easy. I can't live my life with ear buds in and therefore my house is an obnoxious mess.

My solution. We all need to get rid of some stuff. Again. I am going to go through each room, pile items in the floor in groups and get rid of half of the pile. Example: If Carson has 50 books, homeboy is getting rid of 25. I do not have a large quantity of material possessions myself, but my clothes are out of control. I have about a dozen tops that I need undershirts for or don't have the right shoes to match. I want to purge and get down to a small higher end wardrobe. The dream is to have so few clothing items that I can used a laundry service because I am over doing laundry. I have friends who wear jeans over and over between washes and I need to master that. The clothing segment of my room will require a lot of planning but I am game.

So that's my plan. Anyone else on board for a major purge.