Monday, April 30, 2012

a couple of products I am loving right now

In the last couple of weeks I have tried a couple of new things that I ended up just adoring so I wanted share.

I am a loyal Bethenny Frankel fan. I loved her on RHNY and on her own show. I tried her Skinnygirl margarita last summer and didn't love it,probably because I am way too prudish to consume alcohol. I read A Place of Yes and was kind of disappointed with all the self help junk. I did enjoy the autobiographical parts of the book. While at Wal-mart a couple of weeks ago I picked up a sampler including her energizing lip gloss, mint facial mask, and vitamin C scrub. I love this scrub and I am not even a big scrubber. It makes my face feel good in a way I cannot describe. Bonus-it leaves my skin looking great and it's affordable. The bad- it is really hard to get out of the tube after a couple of uses. I actually ended up applying to much pressure and squirting half the bottle all over my hand. They really need to reevaluate the packaging. Overall it's a great find for your face.

Another product that has caught my dollar is these Minute Maid frozen soft lemonades-

Remember when you were a kid at Six Flags and you got a delicious lemon or lime ice, but you never got to finish it because you needed to ride a roller coaster!  You can have that same feeling at work on a Tuesday. These of course are easy to finish and only 100 calories. That is great for me because I work around ice cream, candy bars, and cookies all day. When I need a snack I just pull one of these out of the freezer instead. Everyone that has sampled mine has loved them I and I hope you do too!

What new products are you loving right now?