Monday, March 12, 2012

people who make lists

I wanna be the kind of grown up who makes lists. Not a ton of lists with categories or anything.I just need to jot down things that I want to do that tend to fall through the cracks of life. I used to post my daily goals on facebook back in the day and it was good for my accountability. Today I was off work and my kids were home for spring break. I put the list in my phone as a note.

  • clean off dresser(10min)
  • paint(30min)
  • go through action box(5min)
  • get stains out of stain pile(30min)
  • something else but I deleted it and now I can't remember(see why I need to write things down)
I also included a time frame for each task. So far so good. Dresser is neat and I even hung a picture that had been propped up there since we moved in 5 years ago! My son and I painted canvases. He painted Perry the platypus(shocker) and I did an abstract with some leftover teal and gold acrylics I had. It was so fun. You always need to have some fun on your list.(Apparently he is reading over my shoulder because he just corrected my spelling of "platypus". I am about to go through my action box while I watch the Celtics. My son helped me get the stains out and the clothes are soaking now. Does anybody else make list to keep them on task?