Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm so over eating out

That's a lie. I still love it. Love it too much. I daydream about what takeout to pick up. It's sad. I am an intelligent girl. Why is it so difficult for me to excersize any self control in this area of my finances? I am forcing a self intervention. No more eating out for the whole summer. Except for once at the end of each month where we will share and celebrate our debt snowball and money goal progress. Bam. I probably just saved our family about $600 per month. I think if we kept this up we could cash flow our debt payoff without making any other concessions. We could still vacation, hobby and extracurricular as we pleased if we could control the eating out. Starting June1 through August 31st we will eat out only once a month. We did this in April 2011 and it was real eye opener but clearly did not become a habit.You can read about that experience here . This time since it's summer and I really love snow cones and sonic, I am not restricting beverage purchases. The rules for restuarant beverages are: it must be during-happy hour(Sonic and Chicken Express,not the bar) or from McDonalds where all drinks are $1 all the time.

Stay tuned; this should be interesting!
How much does your family spend eating out per month?


  1. We eat out every Friday. Dave Ramsey would kill us, but honestly, knowing that we have that one (budgeted) day to eat out makes us stick to the budget so much better. Some weeks we get to go someplace a little nicer, some weeks it's take out. But it's a family tradition. A $160/month family tradition.

  2. I didn't know you followed my blog. I saw it on your profile! This is a very old post, and I hope you see this comment. We don't eat out, either. Exception: We have eaten at Pizza Hut and we have eaten at Waffle House. I would say it's only 1 or 2 times for each, per year. And we do get carry out pizza. But otherwise, we stopped eating out a long time ago, and like most habits that can be broken, I totally got over it.

    I liked your post about best friends, too. Mine has been a real ____ lately. She's just hanging on by a thread. But she's come through for me a few times (in a larger number of years) but it's been little and infrequently, and it's not looking good as of now - but who knows what will happen. We'll see.